LiVS reduces the risk and hassle of placing temporary projects within a vacant space.

If your project meets our criteria, we can: ​

  • Work with you to try and find a space that suits your project needs

  • Negotiate with the landowner to give you access to the space

  • Use a simple Participation Agreement with a flexible rolling term

  • Help you to arrange insurance and regulatory consents if required

  • Offer bridging programmes or wrap-around support where we can

  • Provide you with advice and practical support around funding and project management. You can also benefit from LiVS’s wide range of networks and many years of experience to help make your project a success!

1. Your idea?

Firstly, check through our criteria to see if your project fits with what a LiVS project looks like. We’d be happy to talk through any ideas to see if they fit what we do. Once you feel happy your idea fits and is ready for a space, send us an email with your idea, more of the questions answered in the criteria the better!

2. Project Review

After getting in touch with us, we will then review your idea with our team to ensure it meets our LiVS project criteria. If we feel you are ready for a real life space, we can jump to step three - alternatively, we may contact you with suggestions on improving on your idea and direction on how to move forward. 


3. Accessibility

Which communities, people, or groups will the project interest and/or engage with? Will it be easily accessible and available for all? Will it reach under-served or under-represented communities? We may also prioritise projects that provide a community benefit beyond commerce.

4. Location 

Occasionally LiVS may have the perfect somewhere in mind for your project to come to life, however, usually, this is when we start the hunt for a space. It is always great if you can help with this process too - if you know of or come across a vacant site, indoor space or storefront you think may suit, let us know. Once a possible site/s have been identified, we will get in touch with the landowner and start negotiations on your behalf. 

5. Licensing

Once your space is confirmed, you will need to sign a simple Participation Agreement with a flexible rolling term based on the site terms. You will then need to decide and confirm what utilities and insurances you require for the set up of your space (We can assist with set-up but the cost of power and utilities is at your cost as the licensee). 

6. Project LIVE!

When your project is up and running, we ask that you keep in touch with photos, details, social posts and data on how your project is tracking. We want to see your idea flourish and will support with sharing and promoting your space when we can. We also ask that you mention LiVS and the work we do to ensure we can help the word get out there for others who may like to see their idea come to life! 

7. End of project

Once your project has wrapped up, we ask that you provide a project report back to us on how your project went. This helps us in future when working with other project participants with advice as well as ongoing funding to keep the good work going. 

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