UNIMED Site & Building
From gravel-pit to brand new internal space
About the project

LiVS became involved with the UNIMED building in 2013. At this stage it was still a gravel where the former building had been demolished. Over a period of about a year a number of projects took part on the space including a sculpture and many short-term events.
We were given notice to allow the new building to be built. However in 2015 we again signed a licence to help activate the ground floor with creative and entrepreneurial projects. This was LiVS’ first internal space and started a period which saw us fill some of the new but empty office and retail spaces in the CBD. Eventually we began branching out to support other internal spaces in the city.
LiVS is very grateful to the landowners who have enabled us to use this space; we’ve now been involved with the UNIMED building/site for nearly 7 years. The space is currently occupied by Fiksate Gallery, a street art collective and public gallery.

An ongoing Licence arrangement that was also our first internal space.
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