Sound Garden
Gap Filler along with local creatives Gaby Montejo, Jason Ware, Tim McGurk and Trent Hiles created a variety of musical instruments from recovered and re-appropriated materials
About the project

Instruments were installed on this site for the public’s playing pleasure; ready and waiting to be discovered – to be struck, strummed, and swivelled. "I've made drums from giant pipes, children love them, they play them with their whole bodies not just their hands. Tim's made a xylophone of tubes that you can slap and play, and Jason has made a huge rain stick that's 3 metres long," says Gaby Montejo.

Pretty Cool Recorder
Pretty Cool Recorder

Greening the Rubble’s temporary mini-park provides the perfect setting. Relocated from its former site in Riccarton, this mini-park in the heart of the city includes a stage for buskers, seating, and planters with maple trees and native species.

Supported By:

Placemakers, Citycare, Random Acts of Music

Landowner negotiations and CERA negotiations
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