Milk Fight
This dairy-fuelled urban food fight was one of FESTA’s most fun and successful events. The date was set. The arena was ready. Thousands of litres of milk were on tap.
About the project

Under the watchful eyes of the commanding officers, the combatants devised ways of launching milk at their foes with cut off milk bottle scoops, buckets and other vessels. When the commentary and music ended, so too did the battle.

Ready to fight
Ready to fight

Working as an interdisciplinary artist with a sometimes performative style, Gaby Montejo uses human relations as a catalyst and works with politics as medium; making for an event that is not always predicted or defined. Often there is some aspect of food displayed at the centre of Gaby’s practice. Gaby shows internationally but has also had a number of local initiatives, collaborations, and social interventions.

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Images from Emma Byrne and Tom Philpotts

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