LIVS Office
The LIVS office was a demonstration of novice and skilled labour coming together to create a durable tiny structure from earthquake salvaged materials.
About the project
nice sketch
nice sketch

The LiVS office provided us with a transportable, environmentally-friendly, off grid structure and an innovative take on sub-consent architecture.

SHAC teamed up with traveling architect/engineer Clare Williamson and Oscar Baldry to design and build a temporary structure for Life in Vacant Spaces (LiVS) Charitable Trust. Clare and Oscar were inspired to visit Christchurch after hearing about SHAC's work at an Architecture symposium in 2012. They took up part time professional work and donated their free time to gain more experience in the building process and to explore the possibilities of reusing demolition material. The building is a demonstration of the ability of novice and skilled labour coming together to create a durable structure from earthquake salvaged materials. Ultimately the structure is intended to capture the spirit of LiVS by enlivening Christchurch’s increasing number of vacant spaces in a playful and experimental way.

Special thanks to project leads Oscar Baldry and Clare Williamson, Greening the Rubble, Sustainable Habitat Challenge (SHAC), Rekindle, Volunteer Army Foundation, Temple for Christchurch, and Gap Filler

The building is now owned by Gap Filler and located at The Commons.

Supported by:

Steel & Tube, Dulux, Pumphouse, Silver Service Skips, Musgroves, Heras Fencing, Armourguard, Pomeroy's, Build Fern, and volunteers too numerous to mention

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