Hau was a short film written and directed by Kate Cosbey Belton.
About the project

HAU was a gentle meditation on place and belonging, alluded to through the metaphysical journey of Tāwhaki and his internal quest to acquire knowledge of his ancestors. Hau was shot in black and white and was complemented by an all-encompassing soundscape.

sounding good
sounding good

While describing HAU Kate draws a connection between her film and the Christchurch rebuild, stating, “As the Christchurch rebuild commences we are presented with the promise of something new and with it, the opportunity to reflect on ourselves as a community. In the shaping of a healthy, inclusive and democratic new city we must remember our past and where we are from. “

hand that over
hand that over

HAU was displayed from the inside of our 165 Gloucester St. site. The screen and speakers were installed between projects screened through November 2016. [All images were shot during filming and some are stills from HAU.]

Site access, Power & Landowner negotiations
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