The Corner Store
LiVS is partnering with The Corner Store to bring new studio spaces to Christchurch for creatives
About the project

With the demolition of so many art studios following the Christchurch Earthquake sequence, LiVS had been searching for a way to assist independent artists and makers to find accessible and affordable places to do their work. The partnership with The Corner Store allows us to provide spaces for creatives in the early or neediest parts of their journey and support them to take that next step. It was our first collaborative venture to provide revolving and subsided space with the intention of permanent lease in the long-run.
The Corner Store was developed from the temporary studios space that identified as the Welder Collective. Christchurch property developers Box112 made it available to an informal group of artists that included Hannah Watkinson. That space ran successfully for se4veral months before redevelopments began. After moving on, Hannah again worked with Box112 to establish The Corner Store. Inhabiting a refurbished warehouse on Cashel Street between Fitzgerald and Barbadoes, The Corner Store brings together artists, community space and the best barbeque in town!
The upstairs space housed fifteen plus working artists in a shared studio environment. Downstairs was more of a multi-use space that worked as a gallery with fortnightly changing exhibitions, a small cafe, restaurant & bar, yoga studio, function room and more! The Corner Store partnered with Smokey T’s BBQ, the Sailors Son coffee roasters and Ghost Brewing Co. to provide food and refreshments to the public and during events and exhibitions.
Space quickly began to fill up and Hannah decided to move on to her own project (see Salt Lane Studios). Smokey T’s, founded and run by BBQ magician Tristin Anderson, took over the upstairs spaces as well and continues to tantalise tastebuds today.

A collaborative effort to provide affordable space to creatives in the CBD
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