The Corner Store
LiVS is partnering with The Corner Store to bring new studio spaces to Christchurch for creatives
About the project

The Corner Store is a two-storey building at 314 Cashel St which, on the upper storey, houses 15 artist studios and on the ground floor consists of hole-in-the-wall coffee and exhibition/event space. The Corner Store also partners with Smokey T’s BBQ, the Sailors Son coffee roasters and Ghost Brewing Co. to provide food and refreshments to the public and during events and exhibitions.

With the demolition of so many art studios following the Christchurch Earthquake sequence, LiVS has been searching for a way to assist independent artists and makers to find accessible and affordable places to do their work. The partnership with The Corner Store allows us to provide spaces for creatives in the early or neediest parts of their journey and support them to take that next step!
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