Elegance runs deeper than pure aesthetic and Blackeyepeach are fast making a name for themselves as a fresh online boutique that has managed to capture the elusive essence of contemporary comfort and timeless style.
About the project

The mystery behind why certain staples in any woman’s wardrobe pass the test of time is what drove creators Natalia Baird and Lucille Ness to explore how far they could push the balance between safety and statement.

Establishing a brand online in a medium where the product often needs to be examined and experienced to fully appreciate seems pretty bold but the solution was easy, “By launching appropriately timed pop-up stores in strategic locations we are able to target women who are actively seeking out original and unique pieces.”


This agile ethos is just as alive in the clothing. Modern, progressive and surprisingly simple, every blazer, jacket, playsuit and dress has been designed with versatility in mind. “There is nothing more exciting than changing the entire feel of an outfit by merely switching into heels.”

Smart, fun and effortlessly cool, Blackeyepeach is finding new homes on and off the New Zealand shelves without breaking a sweat.

Press Release
Press Release
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