LiVS Art Windows

Location: City Centre

Date: April 2024

Our Role: Project Manager & Site Brokers

Support: ArtStarts & Lydia HT


In the heart of Ōtautahi, Christchurch, we envision vibrant streets where every window tells a tale, every pane becomes a canvas, where art not only beautifies our surroundings but also empowers the voice of our youth.

Despite the pulsating energy of our young artists, many of their works remain unseen, & a multitude of vacant shop windows in Ōtautahi stand barren & unutilised. These vacancies aren't just empty spaces; they are missed opportunities for our community to be uplifted and inspired.

Enter LiVS Art Windows. Our initiative seeks to bridge this gap by transforming these vacant windows into stages for emerging young artists to showcase their talent. We not only provide a platform for these artists but also rejuvenate & bring life to dormant parts of our city. Imagine walking through Ōtautahi's streets & being greeted by vibrant displays of art, each window telling a unique story, each art piece a testament to the spirit & potential of our youth.

Coming 2024...
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