Empower Aotearoa

Location: 110 Cashel Street, Central City

Start Date: 29 February - 19 March 2024

Our Role: Site Brokers


Celebrated was the launch of Empower Aotearoa, a new enterprise dedicated to exploring the therapeutic qualities of art within the community. The event featured free creative well-being workshops, encompassing activities like painting, collage, dance, sensory exercises, wearable creations, and more. "Art on the Street" provided daily diverse creative activities outside the workshops throughout the day, inviting participants to experience a broad range of artistic expressions.

Visitors enjoyed a vibrant atmosphere with the opportunity to win prizes, including a deluxe art pack and exclusive entry to upcoming events. The event encouraged individuals to unleash their creativity in a designated space for self-expression. Regardless of the weather, participants engaged in street art or found comfort in a container provided by Life In Vacant Spaces.

Recognizing the therapeutic nature of art, each day introduced various creative activities designed to enhance well-being. Attendees were encouraged to take a break from their hectic routines, prioritize self-care, and indulge in the joy of artistic expression.
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