Cultivate Christchurch

Location: City Centre

Date: August 2016

Our Role: LiVS managed site access and landowner negotiations

Cultivate was dedicated to growing an urban farming movement in Christchurch

Cultivate Christchurch worked to build a network of productive urban farms in Christchurch, propagated and powered by the next generation. Their goal was to link local schools, youth programmes, and other social engagement programmes into the construction and production of their urban farms. Cultivate was able to create a future of vitality and abundance through healthy soil, healthy food, and ultimately healthy people and communities.

Cultivate was awarded three years of funding from the Vodafone New Zealand Foundation to work with young people who were excluded from mainstream education. The project was also supported by the Ākina Foundation who specialise in growing social enterprise initiatives. Ākina provided ongoing guidance on the creation of a business model and key expertise to help Cultivate realise its full potential.
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