Project Information

We want to hear about your creative, educational, entrepreneurial or social projects. We're open to all ideas!

Most important is that you - and the project team you build around you,  have the determination to deliver projects from that bright idea to realisation to deconstruction. 

Project Criteria

We assess projects for:

  1. Uniqueness: local, distinct, and owner-operated projects; ideas that wouldn't happen without our support.
  2. Accessibility: projects that will be open and accessible and that will attract a variety of people or satisfy a niche.
  3. Planning: projects with a realistic timeframe and a clear plan from set up to pack down.
  4. Readiness: projects that will get onto a site soonest are those with the resources to be ready to go.

What if I'm not ready yet?

If you’re not sure whether your project is at a level to tick all the boxes, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to connect and learn with Life in Vacant Spaces:

  • Check out the resources section of this site. There is plenty of info there to get you thinking.
  • Stop by the LiVS office at 192 St Asaph Street (inside the Awesome HQ) and talk to us, we're always happy to discuss possibilities!
  • Keep in touch with us via Facebook and Mailing List, you never know what exciting projects might come up that you'll want to get involved in.

Getting On Site

Occupying someone else’s land is simple in concept... a little more complex in reality. There are a few things to consider before you are ready to go, including risks, liabilities and regulations.

LiVS' Role

Life in Vacant Spaces is a broker:

  1. We gain permission to use property temporarily and set up a simple legal framework between owner and project initiator. We then help ensure this framework is being honoured on both sides so that everyone is happy and the public can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

    We help to demystify regulatory requirements - we're getting quite proficient at untangling red tape and giving boosts through the hoops that you may need to jump though.  We also may be able to provide introductions to some helpful sponsors.

If you've got an idea but not so much of a plan, we'll help you to link into our resources and network of useful contacts. 

View our online resources.

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