The Green Lab

18 Cranmer Square

The Green Lab by Greening the Rubble is an experimental garden space.

LiVS Role:

Site access and landowner negotiations

About this project

Greening the Rubble has had a presence at this Cranmer Square site for quite some time, transforming it into an oasis over the years. There have been a variety of projects from Greening the Rubble. Currently the Green Lab has a mix of different growing techniques including wicking beds and planters as well as green roofs.

Greening the Rubble also holds workshops on the space, most recently a wicking and barrel planter workshop. The picture below is an example from the workshop of a barrel planter/worm farm. The barrel has a central waste pipe with holes drilled into it, lettings worms move between the planted barrel and food scraps.

Greening the Rubble are always coming up with innovative ways to keep our city green and providing spaces that highlight natural beauty. Stay tuned for more events and workshops to come!

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