Rekindle's Offcut Series

Shop 6, New Regent St

Responding to the challenge of making productive use of offcuts, Rekindle invites artists, designers and makers to submit ideas which utilise reclaimed timber. The successful works are installed in their Offcut gallery at Shop 6, New Regent Street.  

LiVS Role:

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Our mission is to support communities to use their wood waste fully.

- Juliet Arnott, Rekindle founder

About this project

These vacant shops will be tenanted soon and Rekindle is taking this opportunity to utilise the spaces for creative projects.

The Offcut Gallery supported many different artists.  Hamish Southcott produced striking panels of geometric patterns using salvaged weather board.  Tim McGurk created a spectacular x-wing fighter from discarded materials and rimu offcuts.  Kara Burrowes delicately assembled beautiful panels of pattern and colour.  Gaby Montejo and Jason Ware tranformed offcuts into a series of noisemakers, hosting a 'House Music' experimental performance.  Jeremy Leeming and Nik Kneale created 'Gonehaus', exploring the memories of family homes demolished through the residential red-zoning process.  Bettina Evans created 'Rope Ladder Universe' incorporating ropes donated from the Lyttelton Port.

Supported by:

CCC Transitional City Fund

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