R.A.D. Bikes

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RAD (Recycle a Dunger) bikes is a community bike workshop brought to you by the team at Gap Filler.

LIVS' Role: 

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Cycling and recycling merge (Chch Press), Cargo bike event (Chch Press)

RAD will supply the tools, parts and expertise to keep any two wheeler running.

- Rich Sewell, Gap Filler

About this project

With help and guidance from volunteer mechanics, anyone will be able to do their own repairs and perform their own maintenance. RAD Bikes will carry a large stock of used parts so you can replace defective components easily and choose new components for custom built bikes. Gap Filler is teaming up with ICECycles to provide low-cost or loan bikes to give away to those who need them. RAD bikes will also feature monthly workshops across the Summer where you can create bike 'bling', bike-sculptures and even a street-sweeper bike!

Supported by:

Gap Filler, ICECycles, Buildtech, Royal Wolf Containers.  Designed by Nic and Jess Sewell, built by volunteers.

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