Home in the CBD

100 Peterborough St

Visiting UK artist Amy Mountney set herself the challenge of nurturing a community in Christchurch central city.  Based in the Microhouse at LIVS Peterborough (created by architectural designers at the Living Box and donated to LIVS), Amy collaborated with passers-by, tourists, artists, and local entrepreneurs to create a homey installation and meeting space.

LIVS role: site access, internet access, public liability insurance

About this project

Her project was a response to the limited opportunities to make connections in the city as a newcomer.  The residency was a playful experiment where she was able to open the doors of her ‘home’ and encourage people to share their time, stories, and ideas.  This created many small, but tangible opportunities to integrate into the community.

Exploring what constitutes ‘home’ in Christchurch, Amy collected stories and experiences from those she met.  Her conversations led to connections between educational programmes, creatives, projects, and businesses to come together and discuss ideas.  Amy is collating her thoughts and learnings for a series of work on the theme of home, as well as a cultural blog to document her time in Christchurch.

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