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The Social supports a residency where artists live in a self-contained caravan on a vacant site for a week.  The residency is focused on finding a person who is skilled with open dialogue, critical thinking, resourceful, resilient, flexible, and engages in a practice that is under-represented in the local visual arts. This artist may be a performer, photographer, installationist or any number of classifications. Most importantly they will be from outside Christchurch, perhaps even from outside New Zealand. The street becomes the studio setting for their work.

LIVS role:

Site access


Interview with Gaby Montejo (Pantograph Punch)

The residency will be a true exchange with the streets of Christchurch and its people

- Gaby Montejo, The Social

About this project

French artist Cloe Beauregard created small objects through little manipulations of rubble.

Alex Lovell-Smith visited from Dunedin to shoot portraits of people in vacant sites for the Tindr app.

Dave Marshall positioned himself at the Christchurch Airport as a tour guide for the transitional city. The results were two attempts and a lovely little zine.

Supported by:

The Social, Christchurch City Council

Interview with The Social's Gaby Montejo

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