Afternoon on High

154 High St

Afternoon on High was a day of music and film on a vacant lot in the city centre.  The live music and footage focus on the revival effort rather than the earthquakes.  Shots include a variety of themes such as the ruined parts that still linger, empty spaces, new construction, and all of the interesting artistic endeavours that are reviving interest in the city. Montages will take place over extended instrumental sections of the music.

LiVS' Role:

Site access, connection to networks

The music will be mixed with a film about where Christchurch is as a city right now.

- --Cameron Gunn, Musician

About this project

Led by Cameron Gunn and Natalie Jones, Afternoon on High showcases Christchurch's contemporary music scene, which they are both involved in.  Cameron's inspiration comes from other transitional projects such as the Scaffold Pavilion, which provided a space for chance encounters with live music among urban ruins.  Natalie is inspired by the growth, change, and unexpected beauty that she encounters in her walks around the CBD.  She documents these experiences in her beautiful photoblog, Dreaming of a City.

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