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Gap Filler

Gap Filler are the veritable veterans of transitional activity. They create and run projects on vacant sites throughout Christchurch. In fact, LiVS exists to enable groups like Gap Filler to focus on bringing more projects to life. If you're not ready to plan and run your a project on your own, you could approach Gap Filler with your idea.

Plant Gang

Plant Gang cleans vacant lots, they forage for food throughout urban environments, they have top secret large-scale plantings as well as smaller scale guerilla gardening, they document plants at vacant sites, and they even have a zine.

Greening the Rubble

Greening the Rubble creates temporary public parks and gardens on sites of demolished buildings.


The annual Festival of Transitional Architecture is a free, public event that engages with the city of Christchurch by exploring urban regeneration through large scale collaborative projects and urban interventions. It is the first and only festival of its kind in the world. Over the course of Labour Weekend events, performances and projects happen across empty sites and in vacant buildings within the city's four avenues.  It's the biggest and best party in the city, so do not miss it!

The Social

The Social is a collective of artists engaged in a practice of interactive and site specific performances, installations and urban interventions in Christchurch. Artists use demolished lots and fragments of buildings instead of a canvas or a gallery.  They encourage participation and manage an International Artist Residency where visiting artists live in a caravan on a vacant site for a week and respond to the space around them.

Other friends, supporters and plain good sites

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McCarthy brought our brand to life


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